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MARCH 31st

Route 6 Cafe and Lounge, EagleVail 

SUBMIT YOUR STORY - Until March 24th!


What brought you here? What’s it like to be LGBTQ, Jewish, Latino, or black in the Vail Valley? Funny or exciting experiences on the mountain or in nature. Funny job experiences. If you’d like to sing a song, why is the music meaningful to you?


Please think about a story you’d like to share and submit a short synopsis by February 15th. The VVTC will choose the pieces that fit into a balanced show. Once selected, you’ll have the next month to flesh out your story and meet to get a chance to practice it and get feedback. We’re very excited about hearing your stories! Please submit your synopsis online using the form below by MARCH 5th. We hope to get many submissions and look forward to hearing from you! 

Upcoming Show!

Valley Voices

With Beth Swearingen

Everyone has a story to tell. 

Come and listen to what they have to say on 3/31


The Vail Valley Theatre Company presents an experimental project on March 31st at Route 6 Cafe called Valley Voices. It will be an evening of short stories and a few songs (if they have a story behind them) in the style of The Moth Radio Hour. Hope to see you there!  TICKETS

The Moth Storytelling Tips & Tricks

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