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The Vail Valley Theatre Company (VVTC) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1987. We offer a variety of opportunities to develop new friendships, discover hidden talents, laugh and cry and stand in awe. Being involved in a community theatre production creates a camaraderie, which does not disappear when the curtain goes down.


We are all so fortunate to live and work in this beautiful place; add to that an amazing blend of cultural diversity and we are truly blessed. VVTC hopes to add to that diversity by providing our very talented locals an opportunity to participate in live theatre. Whether you have an urge to hog the spotlight as an actor, singer, and/or dancer, or you would prefer to stay in the shadows, stage right, behind five people...or, providing the technical help that each production relies on to be a success, we encourage every ability to become involved in one of our productions.


The board of directors consists of volunteers elected by the general membership and each board member serves for 2 years. The theater is a non-equity volunteer organization. The public is invited and elections for new board members are cast by the members of the theater at the annual meeting held in January. A member is anyone who donates at least $20 during a season. We encourage everyone to get involved with your community theater. If you are interested in VVTC, contact us today!


Thank you for visiting our site and we hope to see you when the curtain goes up!

Connie Kincaid
Vail Valley Theatre Company

Connie Kincaid


Committee: All

Connie is a talented dancer who currently teaches tap at Vail Valley Academy of Dance, when she is not working at her company, Vail Property Brokerage.


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